Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications

The aim of this series is to publish a Reference Library, including novel advances

and developments in all aspects of Intelligent Systems in an easily accessible and

well structured form. The series includes reference works, handbooks, compendia,

textbooks, well-structured monographs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. It contains

well integrated knowledge and current information in the field of Intelligent

Systems. The series covers the theory, applications, and design methods of

Intelligent Systems. Virtually all disciplines such as engineering, computer science,

avionics, business, e-commerce, environment, healthcare, physics and life science

are included. The list of topics spans all the areas of modern intelligent systems

such as: Ambient intelligence, Computational intelligence, Social intelligence,

Computational neuroscience, Artificial life, Virtual society, Cognitive systems,

DNA and immunity-based systems, e-Learning and teaching, Human-centred

computing and Machine ethics, Intelligent control, Intelligent data analysis,

Knowledge-based paradigms, Knowledge management, Intelligent agents,

Intelligent decision making, Intelligent network security, Interactive entertainment,

Learning paradigms, Recommender systems, Robotics and Mechatronics including

human-machine teaming, Self-organizing and adaptive systems, Soft computing

including Neural systems, Fuzzy systems, Evolutionary computing and the Fusion

of these paradigms, Perception and Vision, Web intelligence and Multimedia.

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