MUSS poster design, has a palette of orange and red tones along with two classic black and white.

Muss shows how a simple design can give your brand identity or a more creative vision to your advertising.

You can see a demo at

(the texts are not subject to the design, they are only orientative)

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The MUSS file contains 8 fully designed posters to use or edit if required.

In case you want to custom edit or replace text please contact :)!

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- At CooC Studio we create content that is ridiculously good, content that is useful, enjoyable and inspiring!! -

Our aim is to provide a simple and fast way to develop projects, to involve social creativity and to allow everyone to benefit from the designs.

We offer:

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Videos for presentations,or for music/

Advertising graphic design/

Brand Identity/

Value Proposition/

Sketches and much more!

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