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Para muchos asiáticos el Feng Shui es una forma de vida. Se trata del uso de la energía y de cómo vivir en armonía con el ambiente. Es conocer como alinear a uno mismo con el espacio en el que vive, trabaja, respira y duerme, en sincronía con la energía que rodea al mismo.

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Iside Sarmiento
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Iside Sarmiento


University professor with degrees in Journalism and Communications.

Her interest in the holistic vision of well-being has led her to explore the field of space tuning through Feng Shui and Aromatherapy.

She teaches Feng Shui for architecture and construction at the Faculty of Architecture of the UACA and ULACIT Universities and an annual workshop at the College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica.

In addition to Feng Shui, her lectures and classes are nourished by complicit issues of well-being such as vibrational fields, radiestecia and essential oils, a subject in which he has specialized since 2011 and for which today he is one of the 15 Founders of doTERRA for Central America.

Her book, ”Feng Shui the art of good life", in its digital edition, served as a financial basis for the community project «The Happy House». During 2019 the funds collected from the sale of this digital book will be allocated to the 5 minute beach clean up Foundation # 5minutebeachcleanup @ 5minutebeachcleanup

Iside has hosted her own holistic weekly radio program called “Elixir” and currently advises Feng Shui on housing and commercial projects in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and the United States.

In 2016, she published with the New York Hour Glass Press, the Kit: “Aromatheraphy, a Guide to using Essential oils for everyday life”, currently distributed in the main bookstores of the globe.

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