Learn Portuguese with Tia Mimi, forever! (Portugal)

Do you want to master Portuguese as a native? Do you feel exhausted and beaten by false promises and ineffective language courses that serve absolutely no purpose? From the stress of daily life to the lack of time, everything feels out of sync when you need that extra time to learn a foreign language. Whether you are trying to learn from scratch, or you want to brush up your language skills, this course can help you achieve this. Perhaps you want to move to Portugal, or you want to leverage your career. What stands between you and the life you desire might be a preconditioned mindset. Whatever you wish to achieve by mastering the Portuguese language can easily be done with the OLMI method, created by a polyglot for busy people with ambitious goals (and not so much time on their hands). This course will teach you about easy concepts that are introduced on a weekly basis that consist of gradual building blocks to help your verbal skills in any given scenario that you may encounter.

You’ll learn about the laws of repetition and association, and you’ll understand the simple magic behind practice of the mechanics of the Portuguese language. This course is for anyone looking to impress the locals by mastering Portuguese fluently and forever. Come and learn Portuguese with Tia Mimi!

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Miriam G Oliveira

Hello and welcome to the world of languages, more specifically Portuguese. I am a polyglot, linguist and for the past 8 years I have taught Portuguese at the WCSU (Western Connecticut State University. There are many misconceptions around learning and mastering a foreign language. This course gives you a clear picture of how my method OLMI can help you have a very smooth language learning journey. My goal is that you learn Portuguese easily and automatically and that you be able to communicate in any real-life scenario. It will give you a better understanding of how practical my approach is to the language learning process. I am very honored to take part of your journey. Please leave a review after you dive deeper into the concepts, the exercises, the dialogues, and the listening comprehensions. Make it a great journey!

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