100 Games + Activities + Power Points Class Materials

Communicative Classes with:

Printable activities and games + Interactive power point classes for online teaching with many communicative activities + sets of flashcards.

The material that every teacher needs to save time when planning their classes.


Help your students learn ESL with this material.

Included are complete lessons for Online Teaching in POWERPOINT format.

Some Lessons Contents:

1- Can for ability

2- Demonstrative Pronouns

3 – Descrining Objects

4 – Possessive Case

5 – General Questions Game

6 – How to say dates

7 – How Many/ There is, there are

8 – How Much/ Numbers

9 – Jeopard General Contents

10 – Present Continuous

11 – Present Simple X Present Continuous

12 – Question Words

13 – Review Grammar points

14 – Simple/ Regular and Irregular verbs

15 – Some, A, An, Any

16 – Speaking Activity 1

17- Speaking Actitivy 2

18- Speaking Actitivy 3

19- Speaking Actitivy 4

20- Speaking Actitivy 5

21- Speaking Actitivy 6

22- Speaking Actitivy 7

23- Speaking Actitivy 8

24- Speaking Actitivy 9

25- Speaking Actitivy 10

26- Speaking Actitivy 11

27- Speaking Actitivy 12

28 - - Speaking Actitivy 13 and Grammar points

29 – Speaging Game

30 – Spelling Words

31- Telling the time – Memory Game

32 – The Weather – Memory Game

33- Verb TO BE complete Class

34 – Verb TO BE negative form

35- Verb TO BE interrogative form

36– Vocabulary and Memory Game

37- Simple Present

38 – Simple past Speaking 1

39 – Simple Past Speaking 2

40 – Communicative Classe


Save time planning your classes.

More fun and creative classes!

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Aulas completas em powerpoint para diminuir o tempo gasto com o seu planejamento; Jogos e atividades criativas, interativas e divertidas para deixar sua metodologia de ensino mais interessante e motivar seus alunos no uso da língua inglesa por mais tempo durante as aulas.

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Mariana Rigonatto
2 Hotmarter Years

---10+ years of ESL teaching on every level.

----10+ years experience in creating English teaching materials

---- Master's degree in creation of copyright teaching materials

---- creation of interactive materials for language teaching

--- Save time planning your classes with my English activities and games

--- Education can open many doors for students. My goal is to motivate students to approach those doors, open them and actively explore the opportunities that await them.

--- I love teaching and have a lot of fun creating new materials. I am thrilled to be able to share these materials through hotmart! :)

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