19th Montenegro International Veterinary Congress - International Room


Unlock your potential in veterinary medicine with this unmissable course! Dive into the International Room Lectures from the 19th Montenegro International Veterinary Congress, granting you access to top-tier content whenever and wherever suits you best.

Here's your chance to elevate your knowledge and passion for veterinary medicine alongside some of the world's foremost experts. Take a glimpse at the topics awaiting you:

David Senter - Diseases of the Nasal Planum

Hélio Autran de Morais - Geriatric Syndrome: A new framework for evaluating senior patients

Delia Saleno - The veterinarian, an essential node in One Health management

Wendy Hauser - Out of Bounds: The Role of Self in Establishing Personal and Professional Limits

Sérgio Gomes - Lower Motor Neuron disease in Cats

Ana Oliveira - New perspectives in the treatment of atopic dermatitis

Becca Boronat - Pioneering Humane Care: Leveraging ASV Guidelines for Animal Shelters

Ronaldo Hertel - Healthy Finances, Healthy You

Pedro Santos e Joana Diogo - I suspect of a central nervous system inflammatory disease, what now?”

André Santos - Social Media Management

Fausto Brandão - Fluorescence Guided Surgery - the new state of the art in minimally invasive surgery

Lisa Mestrinho - CAD-CAM applications in oral health of dogs and cats

Joaquim Henriques - Advances in cancer treatment techniques

Lluis Bosch - Evolving role of radiology in intensive care

Jorge Leite - Femoral troclea ressurfacing. My experience with PGR, TRA and custom made troclear prosthesis

Duarte Costa - Lung CT Scan - A brief overview

David Senter - Pododermatitis in the Dog and Cat

Gilberto Gandra - Animal Welfare

Don't miss out on the opportunity to distinguish yourself in your career and propel your veterinary practice to new heights. Enroll now and secure your spot in this transformative event!

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