2.0 AK Style Guide Capsule Closet

2.0 AK CAPSULE CLOSET STYLE GUIDE | Updated Purchase Links

25 looks styled with only 10 key items

style guide includes:

- purchase links for all items (international + brazil)

- videos with styling tips and tricks

- digital lookbook with 25 styled looks


- stock availability is subject to sellout

- purchase links range from fast-fashion, contemporary and luxury retailers

- pricing per item ranges from 20 usd - 1,600 usd / 60 brl - 5,975 brl

- purchase links for Brazil include national designers in addition to Farfetch that ships international products to Brazil including upfront import taxes + shipping fees

- purchase links are focused on neutral colors, however additional colors are offered for many of the recommended styles

AK Guia de Estilo de Guarda-Roupa Cápsula | Links de Compra Atualizados

25 looks estilizados com apenas 10 peças chave

guia de estilo inclui:

- links de compra para todos os itens (internacional + Brasil)

- videos com dicas e truques de styling

- lookbook digital com 25 looks


- estoque sujeito a disponibilidade

- links de compras variam entre marcas fast-fashion, contemporâneas e de luxo

- preço por item varia entre 20 usd - 1,600 usd / 60 brl - 3,120 brl

- links de compras para o Brasil incluem designers nacionais e internacionais via plataforma Farfetch que oferece entrega com taxas de importação e frete já inclusas.

- links de compras focados em cores neutras, porém cores adicionais estão disponíveis para diversos dos itens recomendados.

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