The 7 Step Brand Kickstarter Blueprint

This online course is the most comprehensive and rock solid foundation for freedom seeking action takers, like you, to jumpstart your brand and take your business from concept to launch. This step-by-step online course comes with easy to follow video instructions, blueprints to complete and a downloadable book that will support you to unpack the true value and identity of your business, so you can build a thriving, profitable brand.

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This foundational online course will give you the launch pad to create your business model, your brand strategy, business growth strategy, social media strategy, marketing strategy and your business plan... all from going through this easy to follow 7-Step Brand Kickstarter Blueprint before you work on anything else.

- Your vision, mission and pitch will be clear, memorable and repeatable

- Your business model will have adapted, ready for your next level of growth

- You will be ready to build a life changing legacy, not just a business

- Your personal brand and products will dramatically increase in value

- You’ll dramatically reduce any barriers that are limiting your sales potential

- You’ll attract clients who genuinely value what you are going to do for them

- You’ll be ready to create a targeted advertising strategy to achieve your next stage of growth

- You will catch any fundamental flaws in your brand or product ideas that could lead to expensive mistakes in future

- You will know EXACTLY how to create your competitive edge

- You will build a brand that engages your customers into taking action

- You will be able to clearly communicate what you do and who you do it for

- You’ll attract your ideal customers by truly understanding their needs

- You will have uncovered MASSIVE hidden areas of potential in your business

- You’ll build better quality relationships with your ideal customers

- You’ll know what to say consistently when asked to tell people about your business

- You will have a clear and memorable benefits driven pitch

- You will make all the marketing you ever do more productive and profitable

- You’ll have what you need to create a communications strategy across all social media channels

- You will have increased confidence in knowing your products and services are going to be successful

- You will have stress tested your business idea to make sure it is going to work, dramatically reducing any chance of failure

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Sammy Blindell - The Brand Builder
2 Hotmarter Years

International Ripple Maker & Brand Visibility Mentor.

Sammy is a multi-award winning international speaker, 7 times best selling author and CVO behind The Brand Builders Club and One Drop Movement.

Having spent 13 years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, Sammy built six more companies in the business growth sector. She launched in 2014, taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks with her first book and online program. In February 2017 she launched Brand Builders Club, which has hundreds of members Internationally. Finally, her Global movement ‘One Drop’ was founded in April 2019 to celebrate the ripple that is created when Changemakers collaborate rather than compete.

Sammy has created 72 online products and 1000+ online courses to show others how to accomplish in just a few months what it takes most business owners a lifetime to achieve.

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