A happy family


—“Mommy, will Daddy come back home?”.

—“Why is my sister’s belly growing?”.

—“When will I see you again, dear son?”.

—“Why do I have everything yet I am not happy?”.

—“When will we get out of this economic shortage?”.

And other similar questions are often heard in the home circle.

To talk about the relevance of the family in our days, could be as wanting to demonstrate that the sun exists while it is clouding our vision with its light.

Everyone today recognizes that the family is the base of society, but we see how this valuable institution disintegrates in front of our eyes, making us feel powerless.

Teenage pregnancy, young people involved in crime, rebellious children, parents without authority, few economic resources, many hours of work, and little time to enjoy life beside their loved ones, are all real situations today.

Facing this bleak view comes Construct your family; enjoy it, as a powerful tool available to all people who want to strengthen their efforts and witness big and tangible results in the lives of their families, transforming this society.

Construct your family; enjoy it, is divided into four sections that involve the most relevant aspects that a family must consider in order to live victorious in today’s world.

Each of these sections is composed by several chapters where you will find answers to the most disturbing questions in family life.

Learn how to establish foundations in your family, how to talk about sexuality with your partner and children; how to teach your children to say "No!" to drugs; how to connect correctly with your loved ones through a fluid and friendly communication.

Help your family to go out and win the game of life, provide them with what they need the most, a balanced character, capable of overcoming obstacles that may arise every day, and to do it habitually.

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