Advanced Bathroom Design. Taught by Architects.


Updated May 2024

Become a professional in interior design, decoration, organisation and planning of lavatories and bathrooms.

The demand for interior designers continues to grow amongst professionals and companies that understand that the design of their bathrooms, lavatories and personal care areas is part of their image and the service they offer their clients. Interior bathroom design currently offers more opportunities than ever before, due to the almost constant need to update and renovate these spaces to make them resonate with the times and give them the greatest possible functionality.

This course promotes critical thinking which, in the globalised world of technological advancement, will allow the students to become adept at providing solutions pertaining to the handling of space, scale, proportion, configuration, lighting, textures, materials and colour, and the effect that all these factors will have on the end user.

By immersing the student in the content, the course seeks to unlock the sensitivity and creativity required by the interior bathroom designer, working in synergy with the training methods of architects, interior designers, decorators and engineers.

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