Intermediate Module - Alliance Teaching Methodology

The Intermediate Module course is exclusive for the Alliance teachers and instructors.

Alliance aims to deliver to you, teacher and instructor, the best teaching method, which was created by founders Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva and Master Romero Jacaré years ago and it has been put into practice in more than 300 academies around the world. This same method has taken dozens of athletes to the World Champion level and is fundamental for your academy´s success.

The goal of this module is to prepare the transition of the white belt beginner student to the blue belt and start training effectively. This module refers to classes for students who have already reached at least the 2nd-degree white belt, that is, those who have had at least 60 classes in our teaching method.

After your student has developed a solid base in Jiu Jitsu during the beginner module, he starts to understand the dynamic in the fight, and begins to get ready for the advanced module. Learning and understanding each technique, respecting your master and the ALLIANCE methodology are key points for development and you as a teacher has the responsibility to pass it on the best way possible.

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For Alliance affiliate members, access is unlimited and for non-affiliates the access period is 360 days. At the end of this period, a 10% fee will be charged directly with Hotmart

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Hoje a Equipe ALLIANCE tem mais de 300 filiais espalhadas pelo mundo inteiro, com uma metodologia de referência e 12x CAMPEÃ MUNDIAL. O que mostra a força, dedicação e a união dessa equipe. Você pode fazer parte dessa história: tornando-se um filiado, você terá a sua disposição os cursos com a metodologia Alliance e todos os aprendizados de sucesso em gestão para a sua academia.

Today the ALLIANCE Team has over 300 affiliates worldwide, with a well-renowned methodology and 12x WORLD CHAMPION title which shows the strength, dedication, and unity of this team. You can be part of this story. By becoming an affiliate, you will have the ALLIANCE methodology courses at your disposal and all the management material to become a success.

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