AMC Cinical Complete Summaries: Organised Collection of Resources & Success Tips

Access a comprehensive compilation of resources to prepare well for the exam without wasting too much time or getting overwhelmed.

Material includes summaries arranged by subject: Obs&Gyneco, Peads, Psychiatry, Med&Surg and includes:

- A suggested study plan to keep you organised.

- Fully downloadable PDFs with a comprehensive and updated list of clinical cases with reference page to original source (AMC Handbook for Clinical examination, Karen, Wenzel notes).

- A list of reading material with access to electronic version of some studying books and links to trusted Australian clinical sources of reference.

- History taking script in audio format for common conditions.

- Top differentials explained in audio format.

- Physical examination scripts in audio format, modified from Talley & O'connor and Geeky medics' videos. Includes examples for PEFE.

- Counselling examples in audio format.

- Summary of basic medical knowledge and management plan for most commonly appearing topics for.


Dr Paola Espinel has collated, summarised, arranged and edit information from trusted sources in an organised way to facilitate exam prep. All credit goes to the authors and original publications. Keep in mind that each person has a unique style of learning so what worked for Dr Paola may not necessarily work for you.

This course DOES NOT breach the confidentiality of the AMC clinical but provides an organised collection and summary notes of common clinical conditions, a systematic way of approaching clinical cases, success tips and suggestions for boosting confidence and controlling exam stress so candidates can perform their best.

This product is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Always seek the advice of qualified healthcare professionals for health-related issues.

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