[Aulas gravadas] E-book: 90 dias de inglês

Um cronograma de inglês perfeito para você ter constância e disciplina nos estudos por mais de 150 dias

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Aprenda inglês de forma rápida e divertida!


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Damonile Lopes Bragheto
2 Hotmarter Years

Conheça o Speaking Club (A2-B1 level)

1 - The working day - Present Simple, jobs & phrasal verbs

2 - Making appointments - AT / IN / ON

3 - Elementary English (Grammar review)

4 - At the coffee shop (food, prices & useful language)

5 - Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Expressions with TAKE

6 - ED - pronunciation / Irregular verbs (past simple)

7 – Refunds and exchanges

8 - Modal verbs (can, can’t, must, and must not/mustn’t)

9 - Three short hospital dialogue (Present Perfect)

10 - Party time (Present Perfect – already, still, yet)

11 – Phone calls (Phrasal verbs) / Will vs Be going to

12 - Ask the pharmacist (at a pharmacy)

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