Babycoach Sleep Training - 0 to 6 months

The first weeks of a baby’s life are full of growth and learning. Ensuring that your baby, you, and your entire family sleep well is key to enjoying this great time. With the Babycoach method, you'll have a step-by-step guide to ensuring everyone enjoys a restorative night's sleep. 12 hours of peaceful sleep will guarantee what is needed for your baby to develop in the best way.

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    Suzy Giordano

    I pioneered consultations to solve children’s sleep-related problems. Through The Babycoach, a company I founded to help American families, my team and I have coached babies and toddlers across the United States and worldwide.

    - More than 1,500 babies and children trained in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

    - Author of the 12 hours' of sleep with 12 weeks of life, Room to Grow and The Baby Sleep Solution.

    - More than half million books sold worldwide.

    - Books cited by major publications such as Forbes, Parents, ABC News, Chicago Tribune and The Whasington Post.

    - Works translated into over six languages

    - She's among the three best-selling authors on Amazon in the Sleep Disorders category and between 20 in Baby & Toddler Parenting.

    - Numerous participation in TV, radio and internet programs.

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