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The material is full of riches, wisdom and the main teachings of the book. We divide it into concepts and simple steps for you to put into practice the knowledge revealed by the author. We present the material in infographics, a summary in e-book format full of illustrations and a 25-minute mp3 audio.

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Here are the key takeaways you can expect from the book:

• Understand the differences between the fixed mindset vs the growth mindset, including how it affects your approach to success, failure, and effort;

• Learn how mindsets affect parenting and education, sports and coaching, business and leadership, as well as love and relationships; and

• Find out how you can get better results, shape your own mindset and nurture growth mindsets in the people around you.

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Our job is to extract the wealth of wisdom from the best books in the world, breaking it down into concepts and simple steps to put the knowledge gained into practice. We present the extracted material, in graphics and an e-book of the main teachings, with their audio, so that you can quickly absorb and organize the main ideas, facilitating the application of the insights presented.

Nuestro trabajo es extraer la riqueza de la sabiduría de los mejores libros del mundo, dividiéndola en conceptos y pasos sencillos para poner en práctica los conocimientos adquiridos. Presentamos el material extraído, en gráficos y un e-book de las principales enseñanzas, con el audio de las mismas, para que puedas absorber y organizar rápidamente las ideas principales, facilitando la aplicación de los insights presentados.

Nosso trabalho é extrair as riquezas de sabedoria dos melhores livros do mundo, dividindo em conceitos e etapas simples para pôr em prática o conhecimento adquirido. Apresentamos o material extraído, em gráficos e um e-book dos principais ensinamentos, com o áudio do mesmo, então você pode absorver rapidamente e organizar às principais ideias, facilitando a aplicação dos insights apresentados.

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