Botanica Obscura Conference


This is a virtual event held on Zoom meetings, presentations will be recorded and available for a limited time.

Presenter Schedule TBA

Plants communicate their medicine and their wisdom in a secret language. The variety of botanical characteristics is astounding, just in their physical appearance alone. These characteristics can give us clues to a plant's medicinal and spiritual properties., but what about plants that have less than pleasant physical characteristics, or plants that are dangerous? These plants have wisdom too, and it is in exploring both benevolent and baneful herbs, that we can achieve profound healing and gnosis. Plus, carnivorous, poisonous, and exotic plants are just fascinating!

Mission: Botanica Obscura is a space to appreciate and explore our fascination with strange and unusual plants. Our goal is to facilitate learning and a sense of community between people and plants. We are a collection of herbalists, educators, alchemists, and spiritual practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds with a shared focus; ethnobotanical, entheogenic and poisonous plants. Plant Spirit medicine spans across cultures and time periods, and through each of our unique areas of interest, we can provide a uniquely magical perspective to the study of integrative plant medicine and plant-based magical practice.

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