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With this book I intend to show the extension and comprise of abdominal maps and its relationship with the cosmos and other knowledge of other fields. For so many years I was developing the several maps and I have no idea when all this intuitions and impulses to create more and more maps will let me to rest, because I have no human help to invent them. So many people usually ask me if I had to work hard to create all the maps and I confess that it was a bit hard, but it was thousands of hours of extremely happiness in my life , with a sensation of achievement , admiration, and interior joy, and I hope the therapists that use this systems feel the same.

I dedicate this work to all therapists that, like me have the pleasure in helping people. I made an effort to detail the maximum of the content to provide a better understanding and interest for Brazilian Acupuncture. I am happy to see many Acupuncture professionals obtaining excellent results with Abdominal, Cervical and Dorsal Acupuncture, and Limbs' Connections that comprises this whole technique that I developed during fifteen years of research.

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This book is designated for all Acupuncture professionals interested in Brazilian Acupuncture, which comprises 4 techniques: Abdominal Acupuncture, with 64 maps, Cervical Acupuncture with 50 points, Dorsal Acupuncture with 18 new points lateral to the vertebrae, and 14 horizontal lines, applying 5 needles each line, using 1 point on Governing Vessel and 4 points on 2 lines of Bladder meridian, and Limbs’ Connection Technique, a therapeutic strategy of combining points of the 5 Elements with each other and with Yuan, Xi and Luo points considering reflexological relationships of limbs and trunk with specific indications. It is an 8-needle technique, 2 on the limbs related to imbalance and 6 on the Yin-Yang-based distance treatment.

This whole technique break emotional traumas, origin of diseases. This system is also known as Brazilian Technique of Acupuncture - Ayoub System. This book is a translation of the original version in Portuguese. The objective of this book is to share the new knowledge of this millenarian art, branch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that is Acupuncture, which aims to balance and harmonize the energies of the human being, since in the context of this medicine, if the Chi (Qi), the vital energy that traverses and interpenetrates everything, will be flowing well through the meridians, that are energy channels, then there is health, therefore if the energy flows, the blood follows it and flows too and there is a good circulation of Energy and Blood, that means health, if the vital energy blocks, these channels of energy begins to congest and the illnesses and imbalances start to appear. Creation of the author during 15 years of research, all the maps are practical to massage therapists too, mostly Brazilian Cervical Acupuncture, showed in pictures and the way to use this new technique.

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