Burn Belly

If you still haven't tired of being deceived, this is not for you, please leave this ad and come back later, but come back only when you don't want unreachable miracles anymore, come back when you don't want to be deceived anymore, come back when you want to fight for your health, your well-being and finally, for your most precious asset which is your life, come back when you want to be the owner of it and you want to have a full and healthy life, which you can only achieve if you are willing to make an effort , commit and be part of a process...

Are you ready, are you ready?

So let's go!

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This content was developed based on a lot of study and commitment and also following Dr. Michael Dansinger's line of reasoning as you can read below!

Founding director of the Diabetes Reversal Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston

Michael Dansinger, MD, is a nationally recognized expert in dietary and lifestyle coaching for weight loss and related medical problems.

He serves as founding director of the Diabetes Reversal Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Wellness Director at Boston Heart Diagnostics and is a nutrition, diabetes and obesity expert for WebMD. He has previously served as the nutrition and obesity editor for WebMD's peer-reviewed academic journal and was the principal investigator of the Tufts Popular Diet Trial comparing the Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers and Ornish eating plans for weight loss and heart disease risk-factor reduction (published in JAMA). He serves on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Expert Panel for Worksite Wellness Programs, and on the Council of Directors for the True Health Initiative – a leading international voice for health and wellness. Dansinger has been interviewed by the Today Show, Dateline NBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Public Radio and over 100 other media outlets. He lectures throughout the U.S. to medical and non-medical audiences.

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