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Be a master in buttercream getting both videos in one go. Learn my signature buttercream recipe and applications as well as how to stack a 2 tiers cake together.

Plus learn the beautiful process of decoration using an impressive wafer paper technique or dry flowers delivering an elegant masterpiece.


Levelling and trimming cake layers

How to make Swiss meringue buttercream (FULL RECIPE)

Assembling and icing an one tier cake

Achieving sharp edges on a semi-naked cake finish

Extra of how to “treat” flowers before decorating a cake

Extra details about buttercream

Extra Buttercream Flavours RECIPES

Next Level:

How to come up with a cake design depending on the occasion that the cake will be presented.

Cake portions (coffee-dessert)

Preparing your boards

How to trim your cake for icing

How to fully cover the tiers using Swiss meringue buttercream

How to achieve sharp edges using the “lid” technique

How to build a strong foundation for the 2 tier cake using a dowel in the middle

Finishing and touching up the cakes

How to colour wafer paper

How to shape wafer paper achieving a modern decoration for your cake

Assembling a 2 tier cake and applying a conceptual decoration.

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