C.I.A. Leverage Points



It’s time to go from invisible and overlooked in the corporate chess, to thriving on your own terms!

And to stop tip-toeing around career advancement…


I see you…

You want to move up to the next professional level, and you think you need to:

>> Land a new job with more growth potential,

>> Work longer hours, work harder, show your commitment,

>> Patiently wait 'they' recognize how good you are,

>> Swan dive into burnout?

>> Sell your soul?

Or you just started a new job, and you’re afraid to:

>> Fall into the same stuckness pitfalls again,

>> Get passed over for promotions again,

>> Feel stuck and overlooked again,

>> Fall into the 'waiting game' to get noticed again.

And I tell you:

It could be that you're wrong: you don't need a new job.

And you definitely don't need to wait.

What you ACTUALLY need is “career LEVERAGE”!


I've structured a straightforward way for you to assess the 3 CORNERSTONES for career acceleration and get clear on YOUR LEVERAGE POINTS - specific steps you need to take that will help you to:

… showcase your skills set and potential to the decision-makers in your company ...

… increase your influence over the decisions made about you ...

… activate your confidence to raise your voice and be heard in your company ...


C.I.A. Leverage Points will help you find clarity on what you're doing wrong, and where to focus your actions instead that will get you results.

With this clarity, you'll know how to plan, organise and prioritise your next career moves.

Are you ready to jump in?

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