Caderno de Verbos

Learning a new language involves dedication and hard work, and a language such as Portuguese is no different. Spoken by over 200 million people across the world, this language will allow you to broaden your circles and connect you to Brazilians

However, one of the key elements that you must learn in any language is the structure of sentences – especially verbs. For this reason, I have created the Caderno de Verbos, which will not only teach you how to dominate the verbs and conjugations in Portuguese but also put you to practice it!

The Caderno de Verbos is mainly made up of three parts: short video lessons, verb tables and an apostile.

The short videos are going to help understand the uses of each of the tenses.

The verb tables are going to help you practice the verb conjugations.

The apostile is going help you find the patterns of each conjugation faster.

In this first edition of the Caderno de Verbos, you're going to be able to practice regular and irregular verbs in the Indicative Mood.

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