Castilian Fiddle masterclass (intermediate) - Blanca Altable


Welcome to a beautiful journey into the world of Castilian fiddle with Spanish fiddler Blanca Altable. Blanca is one of the pioneers in Castilian fiddle, a style that is steadily gaining more attention in the international fiddle scene. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Castilian fiddle as you explore the captivating rhythms of jota, corrido, and pasacalles. This is your opportunity to discover a style that is not widely known yet utterly enthralling, leaving you craving for more. Embrace the beauty of Castilian music and its rhythms from the comfort of your own home with this online course.

Please note that this product is primarily conducted in Spanish, with English subtitles provided. We firmly believe that immersing yourself in the native language of our instructors is essential for an enriched learning experience. By doing so, you'll better appreciate the unique musicality and cultural nuances that shaped this music. Embrace the essence of the language where this music was born and deepen your connection to its cultural roots.

Be welcomed to Fiddlenautics!

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