CCW - Connected Component Workbench - Micro 800 Family PLC

Become confident in PLC Programming. I'll help you to achieve your next step easily.

Learn with who Works in whole USA with Rockwell Automation Products and it has a great experience in the field.

In this class, you will learn absolutely everything necessary to land a job as an entry level PLC technician (engineer, etc.).

We will cover basic topics such as what a PLC is used for, how it is able to receive and process Inputs & Outputs. We will take a much deeper dive with hands on labs and practice sessions during which I will give you specific real world scenarios to work with and give you tips and common pitfalls. These lessons are designed to strengthen your knowledge of PLCs and give you an edge during interviews.

At the end of each section, you will face a quiz which will allow you to test yourself on the material you have learned before moving to the next section. As some one who has administered interviews to PLC technicians.

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1 Hotmarter Year

I'm Senior Controls Specialist / Owner at i3Automations | Automation & Control Engineering | AWS S3

I hold an Electrical Engineering bachelors degree, Master of Science in Production Engineering and have been in the industry for Fifteen years. I worked in big company's like BMW (Spartanburg, SC), FORD (Louisville, KY), Rockwell Automation (Sao Paulo - Brazil), Mercedes Benz (Tuscaloosa, AL).

As a career, I've decided to dedicate myself to the manufacturing industry and automation. I program Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Robotics as well as Vision Systems for a living.

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