To become a good animator, you need to start with practical and theoretical content on body mechanics. This e-book was created to teach a more dynamic and efficient process of producing animations. Focused on body mechanics, you'll find a unique guide on how to animate through exercises that every animator needs to master, a step-by-step guide on how to apply the principles of animation to your character's movements. Aims to train more mature animators, mastering exercises such as walk cycle, run cycle, jumping, animal action and more!

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Exercise Guide:

- bowling ball

- tennis ball

- pillow jump

- jump character

- walk cycle

- run cycle

- quadruped walk

- run horse

- stagger

- take

theoretical content:

key frame, time chart, timing, spacing, straight ahead and pose to pose animation, slow-in and slow-out, bows, squash and strech, types of follow through, exaggeration, 3-step process, overlapping action, double keys, entry and exit of the pose, joining straight ahead and pose to pose animation.

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Higor da Silva fernandes
1 Hotmarter Year

Animador tradicional brasileiro na Lightstar Studios. Trabalhou em séries, curtas e comerciais publicitários para empresas como Belli Studio, Lightstar Studio, Hype Animation Studio, em projetos para a Havaianas, Doritos Dinamita - Looney Tunes, Central Park animação da Apple TV+, Papaya Bull e outros.


Um curso pensado para você, iniciante em animação. Nele você ira aprender a mecânica corporal do básico ao avançado. Focado em animação tradicional, utilizaremos as mesmas técnicas usadas nos clássicos Disney e desenhos da década de 90, com um conteúdo exclusivo que ira facilitar a compreensão da animação e formara animadores mais maduros para o mercado nacional e internacional.

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