Coach Shane's PIRFect English - November 2022


With over 25 years of experience teaching English as a second language to people from nearly every culture, Coach Shane launches his amazing English Speaking course on Hotmart for the first time! This course will teach you to speak not only as a regular American but as a professional.

Coach Shane will show you HOW to precisely fix your Pronunciation, Intonation and Rhythm. Once you do that, you will be able to have the PIRFect flow when speaking in English.

PIRF… Pronunciation, Intonation, Rhythm and Flow!

Coach Shane has extensive experience in television, radio, films and series production. He still produces his famous Let's Master English Show podcast! With this experience, he uses these techniques of vocal imposition, intonation, and styles in PIRF. When you apply this to your speech, it will completely change your accent. Finally, you will see the end of the road approaching—the long dreamed of and almost impossible to acquire—regular level English!

Try it!

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