The Coconut Oil Handbook is the definitive guide when it comes to improving health through use of coconut oil.

Written off for years as an unhealthy oil, coconut oil has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years as more and more people come to realize the many health benefits it has to offer. The saturated fat in coconut oil is good fat full of healthy fatty acids that can be used to improve your health in a number of ways.

The following topics are covered in The Coconut Oil Handbook:

Is coconut oil as good as some experts would have you believe?

The only kind of coconut oil you should use.

Why we're getting fatter as a nation and how we can put a stop to it with coconut oil.

Why hydrogenated oils are bad for you.

How to use coconut oil to improve your cholesterol levels.

The many faces of fat.

Why certain types of fat are good for you.

Killer trans fats and their impact on your body.

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*how to use coconut oil for food and skincare

*what are the benefits for using coconut oil

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