Coloring Book - First Edition 2023 - MYTHOLOGICAL DRAGONS | From a variety of Countries, Legends, Myths and Cultures - A click closer to you #OnlyinKoley (48 Mythical Illustrations)


Welcome to the wonderful world of art and creativity. This book has been specially designed for those who seek to have fun and learn at the same time.

We invite you to discover our unique collection of original drawings that have been created to increase your interest in painting and help you relax at any time of day.

On each page, you will find illustrations of animals, plants, landscapes, and fictional characters that will awaken your imagination and improve your coloring skills.

Our purpose with this project is to alleviate stress, anxiety, or depression in people, as well as to help them enhance their fine motor skills and concentration. It is an entertaining activity that is recommended for everyone.

Take your colored pencils and get ready for a great adventure.

Have fun coloring and discovering all that you can create!


8.5" x 11"  (215,9 mm x 279,4 mm)


48 pages

48 detailed and high quality drawings

Made for all people (Children and adults)

Perfect for people with anxiety, stress or depression.

Original illustrations with Low, Medium and High Complexity

With your purchase we seek to provide free coloring books for underprivileged children in the Ecuadorian Amazon soon.


- Effective for stress, anxiety or depressionūüíÜ

- 48 original illustrations in high quality‚ú®

- Illustrations made for children and adultsūü϶

- Your purchase will help low-income children in the Ecuadorian Amazon ūüĆ≥

In this book you will find incredible races of DRAGONS from all over the world, cultures, myths and religions, such as:

Red, Lung, Horntail, Smaug the Golden, Short-Snout, Ironbelly, Yong, Quetzalcoatl, Apep, RyŇę, Zmey Gorynych, Longma, Highland, Vritra, Naga, Piasa Bird, Fafnir, Tarasque, J√∂rmungandr, Tatzelwurm, Cipactli, Rainbow Serpent, Hiisi, Guivre, Imvukuzane, C√†rnach, Bakunawa, Wyvern, Muirdris, Boky Voanio, Mokele-mbembe, Lambton Worm, Qiqirn, Balaur, Zmey Gorynych, Y Ddraig Goch, NńĀga, Tiamat, Apep, Ryu, Lindworm, Vritra, Zmey,

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