Buildings in Origami Step by Step


Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. The origin of the word comes from the

Japanese ori (fold) gami (paper). Usually part of a piece of paper

square, whose faces may be of different colors, proceeding without

cut the paper.

However, the culture of Japanese Origami, which has developed since the

Edo, it is not so restrictive about these settings, sometimes cutting the paper

when creating the model, or starting with other forms of paper that

not square (rectangular, circular, etc.).

The practice of Origami favors concentration, manual dexterity and

patience, in addition to the personal satisfaction of being able to create forms with only a

piece of paper.

These bases are the starting point for most models, but for,

furthermore, I hope that they will also serve as inspiration for the creation of

other new models. Sometimes it is enough to make a small change to

discover something completely new.

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