Course Ambience and Safety in Offshore Area


Course Ambience and Safety in Offshore Area


This course will have a course load of 1:08 hours, divided into 4 modules, and will be aimed at Offshore workers who are beginners or who need to update their safety knowledge.

This is a very comprehensive and essential Course for those working in the Offshore industry.

Upon completion of the Course, participants will have a solid understanding of oil rig safety principles and practices, including the identification and assessment of risks and hazards, the correct use of personal and collective protection equipment emergency and evacuation procedures, effective communication in emergency situations, and safety culture in the offshore industry.

The digital platform is a great way to deliver this course, as it allows participants to study and review the material at their own pace, and provides a virtual discussion environment to answer questions and exchange experiences. The inclusion of videos and exercises will also help participants to fix the content more effectively.

In summary, this course is critical for the safety of workers in the offshore industry and can help prevent accidents and serious injuries.

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