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Today the new digital market is constantly growing. New opportunities like the world of stocks and cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more profitable these days. In this book, you will find a technical point of view on the occasional patterns that constantly repeat themselves on the charts of these assets. With more than 40 patterns and 96 pages, the material contains, in addition to graphic examples, an explanation of how the phenomena work.

Some market movements are extremely repetitive and can be easily noticed when you have the necessary tools at hand. There are several common ups and downs that can be more easily detected with a more analytical and numerical look. Of course, we cannot certainly predict the future, but these tools used consciously, together with a fundamental analysis and an overall perspective of the asset, can help you to have a more coherent view of the market. With the book in hand, you will finally be able to understand graphical analysis and apply it in your daily life with responsibility.

No more searching for random and dubious materials around. The guide arrived with everything ready so you can finally carry out your operations. Understanding graphical analysis has never been easier. Don't miss out and buy the book for the limited price!

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- Fast, easy and efficient learning

- High level material distributed in English- Provides content quickly and objectively

- Didactic illustrations for better understanding

* Included section for printing patterns on sheets of paper

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an author and analysis of a book on finance which can help everyone in trading, currently crypto is a digital currency that is on the rise, for that I made a work where the work can help someone's finances. in real life everyone wants how to have more income regardless of their main job, with an ebooks that I make them can learn and implement to earn their side income with pleasure and comfort The goal is that everyone can have more income and can improve their lives in the future. continue to support my work and keep learning.

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