French Curse Certified Basic/Intermediate/Expert

This is a course where you can learn French easily and quickly, everything you need is in this document where you can find: Pronunciation, how it is written, and some tips to speak it quickly and fluently.Certified Course.

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-You can learn French quickly and very easily

-This course will be yours so you can practice it as many times as you want

-This book contains a lot of grammar and pronunciation


-Contains diferent leveles Basic/Intermediate/Expert

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Responsable de vender al cliente el producto, mostrar sus características, forma de uso, resolver dudas, brindar la información que sea necesaria para que el cliente se convenza de comprar. como tareas adicionales un vendedor debe elaborar planes y presupuesto de ventas, fijar metas y objetivos, calcular la demanda, pronosticar las ventas, reclutamiento, selección y capacitación de los vendedores a cargo.

Vendo cursos de Inglés ,Francés y Español.

Responsible for selling the product to the customer, showing its characteristics, how to use it, answering questions, providing the information that is necessary for the customer to be convinced to buy. as additional tasks a salesperson must prepare sales plans and budget, set goals and objectives, calculate demand, forecast sales, recruitment, selection and training of salespeople in charge.

I sell English and French courses,

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