Custom Birthday Candles ART & BUSINESS Comprehensive Course

In this one-stop training, you will learn how to master the art of doing custom birthday candles and start your delightful and profitable business in no time. Learn from the expert, surgeon, entrepreneur, artist, and mom Sandra Paim. This comprehensive 2-in-1 course has the art and the business modules combined, so you can learn the art from scratch and successfully start your business, even making it your full-time occupation if you want.

Parties Supplies is one of the industries that still profit regardless of the economy’s ups and downs. The custom candles are a hot trend not only among children but adults and seniors as well.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start a fun and profitable activity, earn a full-time income and be in charge of their schedule, learn and dominate the art and this unique business, start it right, and grow it fast, regardless of budget, initial investment, or previous experience. This training is 3h 41min in length and you will earn a certificate of attendance at the end!

This is a combination of the online courses " Custom Birthday Candles- The Art - Master the art of decorating keepsake candles with all the fundamental skills you need to become a professional artist in no time" and "Custom Birthday Candles - The Business - How to set up and run a very successful business, wow your customers and get your children along."

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This training has a vocational approach. I've prepared it with much love and dedication with you in mind and it is my wish that it enlightens and enriches your life as much as it has done to mine in extra joy, creativity and income! This training full of audiovisual tutorials and slides was designed for you to finish it quickly, much faster than you would by reading the books and trying to figure out the action steps on your own. Art done as a business requires techniques and strategies that only a professional knows. In this course, I cover all the tricks and most common techniques for you to do high-quality and keepsake-worth candles and the strategies to build a profitable and successful business, that you can start with whatever initial budget you have.

Art Series - learn all the principles and techniques most frequently applied, whether for a one-time-use or a keepsake candle and the step-by-step into turning those boring grocery candles into wow-worthy ones. You will learn all the do’s and don’ts that will save you time and other resources you would otherwise waste with several trials and errors.

Business Series - dive deep into understanding the uniqueness and all the details that transform this art into a pleasant, profitable, and very successful business.

This training is suitable for arts & crafts lovers as well as a larger audience. Not only that, in this business, the more people you know the more you sell and you can be in charge of your schedule. For this business, your children are assets (not liabilities), and parents who take on this new business will love to take their children along.

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Custom Birthday Candles - Art & Business
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I am a surgeon, entrepreneur, artist, and mom, and doing works with my hands is my nature. I’m creative, active, energetic, and focused, no wonder I ended up being a surgeon and entrepreneur! But I am also a busy parent and an art lover. I’ve been handcrafting for 13 years and counting in wood, canvas, plaster, and different wax candles. I’ve been doing the custom birthday candles as a business since my child’s 3rd birthday after several guests at the party asked me where I had bought her candle and asked me to do custom candles for their children’s birthdays. So, after noting how difficult it was for me to find the perfect birthday candle for my daughter and getting so many wowed guests, I opened the business. And boom! It not only allowed me to have a good supplemental income and spend more time with my daughter but also have her participate in and enjoy many aspects of the art process and some business operations. I am thrilled to share my experience and walk you into developing your art and operating your custom birthday candle business as well.

All the information in the courses I will bring to you are provided for your entertainment and craft education only, and they come from my personal experience running an arts & crafts business. Please seek professional advice from your CPA, tax advisor, or tax attorney.

God bless you, your family, and your business.

To your enjoyment!

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