Cyclical Self-Knowledge The relationship between the phases of the Moon and menstruation.


This course, which aims to uncover and bring you closer to this very important tool called Feminine Self-Knowledge. When we better understand how things work internally, we find a sense of belonging that no one can take away from us. Physical discomforts and unstable emotional states during the menstrual cycle and menopause are part of many women's routines.

Let's talk about

- The woman in the hyper-connected world, and their changing social role.

- Weekly hormonal and nutrition changes and their effects on the physical, emotional, and vibrational body.

- The recognition of feminine archetypes and their relationship with the lunar phases.

- Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine as tools to balance and improve physical symptoms (cramps, PMS, fluid retention, binge eating, mood swings).

This mini-course is aimed at:

 - Women of all ages who want to learn more about, and reconnect with, their nature and feminine essence.

Join me and be part of this journey of transformation!

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