Define the players of your community


Who are the players in a community?

What are they for?

Did you know that every community needs an antagonist? That does not mean cut people out, but being confident about your group identity.

In this course you will learn who the players in a community are, and why they are so important.

You will find out about the roles of members, partners, impacted, and antagonist. You will also learn how to recognize and define them in order to succeed in designing your community.

You will additionally learn to recognize the three degrees of community openness, which are critical in defining identity and critical mass. The course will be accompanied by numerous practical examples to help you put all the more theoretical aspects into practice.

At the end of the lessons you will also have a tool from our community toolkit to help you define the players in your community.

The course is essential for anyone who wants to design a new community from scratch, as well as for those who want to grow their existent ones.

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