Delivery Service Provider for Last Mile Delivery - Logistics Consultant


I always say that a Last Mile Delivery business (Specially the Delivery Service Provider that serve the biggest e-commerce companies in the world) is the *key* in between 2 steps:

1- *Your package is out for delivery*

2- *Your package has been delivered*

The "Last Mile Delivery World" is responsible for the transit between these 2 steps, that requires a lot of knowledge in order to get the service provided effectively successful and profitable for your company.

The course contains valuable information that was acquired along the years with the Last Mile and Same day delivery working with the biggest e-commerce companies in the world.

I developed a work method that facilitate the Logistics business in all the niches, such as:

- Fleet organization

- Maintenance strategies

- Hiring process

- Insurance claims (Vehicle and WC)

- Employee engagement

- Job description for different positions

- Schedule organization

- *Secret strategies* and much more of the basic stuff

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