ūüéČ Developing a Ruby on Rails Application with Real-time EventsūüöÄ


ūüďú Presentation of the course and its objectives.

In this course, I'll guide you through developing a Ruby on Rails application with real-time event features.

Topics I'll Cover:

Introduction to Real-time Events:

We'll start by understanding the concept of real-time events and their importance in modern web applications.

Setting Up the Environment with Hotwire:

I'll help you configure our development environment using Hotwire, a set of tools that enhance Rails with seamless interactions, including Turbo and Stimulus.

Leveraging Redis for Real-time Features:

Redis will be introduced as our real-time data, facilitating live updates and communication between clients and the server.

Implementing Broadcasting with Action Cable:

We'll utilize Action Cable, a part of Rails, to broadcast real-time updates to connected clients, enabling a dynamic and interactive user experience.

Enhancing Interactivity with Stimulus Reflex:

I'll explore Stimulus Reflex, a library that enables real-time, reactive user interfaces in Rails applications, enhancing interactivity and responsiveness.

Styling with TailwindCSS:

To ensure a visually appealing and modern design, we'll integrate TailwindCSS into our Rails application for efficient styling and customization.

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