Digital Art

I can draw characters based on :

- Original Characters

- Anime Characters

- Game Characters

- Fanart

- Cartoon


I will not do :

- Furry

- Hate art

- Mechas

- Violence

- Hard gore

- Old people

Note: Make you sure to send me good quality references such a pose, character, facial expression, and any other of your character

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Spraws Valiere

I am a freelance artist who is enthusiastic about digital art, especially the anime style. I design characters, creatures, objects or accessories, as well as fantasy maps. I can also make illustrations of pets in cartoon style. If you are a rpg player, I can make your characters in almost any scene that happens in your adventure, as well as the drawings of the adventure partners that you have. Regarding graphic design, if you need logos for your social networks or avatars of any kind, I can also take care of that.

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