This is a crash course on the foundations supporting your inner evolution. It takes you through the 4 main modules offering key information on the fundamental elements of life - earth, water, fire and air. Each offering a unique guided meditation that is designed to take you deeply inwards, to connect to the specific fundamental energy within.

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Innate Resource
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Innate (adj.) — from Late Latin innatus "inborn, native, natural" Old Latin gnasci "to be born" + in "in"

Resource (n.) — past participle of Old French resourdre "to rally, raise again," from Latin resurgere "rise again"

Innate Resource was created with a desire to kickstart your inner evolution.

Providing online content and courses, and sourcing wisdom from ancient philosophies, Innate Resource, guides you to connect to your natural—innate power which inevitably kickstarts your inner evolution.

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