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- Must-see places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

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There is so much to explore in Abu Dhabi! Don't miss the opportunity to visit these places.

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- Best information to plan your visit to the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

- List of places to visit in Abu Dhabi, with all possible tips: opening hours, ticket prices, dress codes, etc.

- There is so much to explore in Abu Dhabi than mosques, palaces, and parks! Don't miss the opportunity to visit these places.

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Lise Bueno
5 Hotmarter Years

Tchê, meu nome é Lise Bueno, sou gaúcha de Porto Alegre, mas moro em Abu Dhabi - Emirados Árabes Unidos desde 2009.

Com experiência desde 1998, sou especializada em gerenciamento de eventos esportivos - dança e esportes escolares, e dou consultorias sobre a vida nos Emirados Árabes, com ênfase no Emirado de Abu Dhabi.

Minha formação e experiências não cabe aqui e tenho orgulho disso!

Caso você tenha ficado curioso está tudo no meu LinkedIn (@lisebueno) e no meu website

Por ter traçado um trajeto com muitas possibilidades e por ter conhecido tantas pessoas e visitado mais de 9 países, criei produtos que eu espero que sejam úteis para ti de alguma forma, pois eles vão desde e-books de dança, de culinária à guia de viagem. Estou a disposição para qualquer dúvida, por email.

Hey there! My name is Lise Bueno, I'm from Brazil, but I've lived in Abu Dhabi - UAE since 2009.

With experience since 1998, I specialize in managing sporting events - dance and school sports, and I advise on life in the UAE, with an emphasis on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

My training and experiences do not fit here and I am proud of it! So, In case you were curious, you can visit my LinkedIn account (@lisebueno) or my website

Having traced a path with many possibilities and having met so many people and visited more than 9 countries, I have created products that I hope will be useful for you in some way, as they range from e-books on dance, cooking and a ravel guide.

See you around!

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