Double Bass Exclusive - Course I


Course I (Get to know the LEAKS - Method)

Learn to improvise creatively and technically fluently across all blues forms step by step with clear exercises and detailed daily plans.

what will you learn

√ At the end of this course you will be creative and technically fluent in improvising across all blues forms.

Who is this course for?

√ For everyone who has already learned to walk on the bass, i.e. advanced beginners to professional bass players.

√ As a professional double bass player, be it in jazz or in classical music, the exercises will perfect your technique and your hearing and provide creative suggestions.

√ As a beginner in improvising, you get step-by-step instructions that simply explain all harmonic, rhythmic and other musical concepts.

What is different about this course?

The simple idea to limit yourself to the essentials. My motto is: keep it simple! Or: Less is more!

How long does it take you to complete the course?

About 3-6 months...

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