DRAFTEE - Military Service

The Audio book DRAFTEE, MILITARY SERVICE” — a fictional novel, will bring to the reader some of the intramural Compulsory Military Service and its legitimacy. The narrative follows a young recruit throughout the routine existing in the Brazilian Army Soldier Training Course. Their reading is stimulated and timely; after all, a very tiny portion of society shares this experience. Of a total of 4% of the population that is in this demand due to age, only 25% of these are called to the selection process; and of that percentage, a measly 5% will live from practical reality. The closeness of this literary essay is tangible, because the writer has been in the ranks of the Army in two distinct situations: as a student and as an instructor. Those millions of young people who receive their reservist without, however, having actually served, will know this situation in the book, and thus will be able to prove the relevance of what it means to be a reservist. An immensity of young people inhabit this situation, and logic indicates that many others will live it. The book is authentic in his message; after all, the author was instructor of the training course of the soldier, and reproduces - according to his time "years between 1978 and 1985", which “suffered” the recruit and future reservist.

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Optimize Time – audio Books are great options for those moments when we're not exactly busy, but we can't get a book to read either. The best example is, of course, traffic; so when we are practicing physical activity, household chores and, or personal hygiene, for example.

Practicality - Like e-books, audiobooks are super practical! You can “load” multiple audio Books on your phone or laptop.

Listen to books you might not dare try and be surprised to enjoy the experience.

Enjoy more than one story at the same time - the audio Book allows you to enjoy a story as a listener reader and that in another environment or instant, taste another book in a distinct format (e-book or print); considering your time allows you to dedicate.

Training other languages — using the technique “shadow reading”. It basically works like this: you “listen” to a book in a language different from the language in which you read it. That way, if you don't understand a word of what you hear, you'll know what its translation is when you read the text. And gradually, you'll be ready to give yourself to the audiobook in other languages!

Stimulating concentration - if you are at that moment “busy” but not exactly”, it can be a way of exercising concentration. And like everything else in life, it's a matter of custom.

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Edmar Camara
3 Hotmarter Years

Um ativista da arte - pintor, designer, romancista, poeta, contista e produtor de conteúdo digital radicado no Brasil com nascimento em Minas Gerais e vivências em outras territorialidades. Produz textos que se diferenciam por estarem carregados de uma intenção que se adequa ao leitor que o interpreta em sua subjetividade; o que resulta em narrativas que questionam e provocam uma verdade que é exposta, mas que não se apresenta como absoluta.

Os conteúdos produzidos adquirem um aspecto de "colar de pérolas" que tentam visualizar conflitos de realidades que superem a alienação e o egoísmo na linguagem.

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