Ebook All About Wine


E-Book All About Wine will teach you how to stand out within the universe of wine even if you have no experience with drinking. You will learn from the history to proper storage of the drink.

[More than 10,000 readers around the world]

✔️ What Is Wine?

✔️ The History of Wine

✔️ Production Vs. Consumption

✔️ The Grapvine

✔️ The Grapevine Profile

✔️ Life On The Grapevine

✔️ Wine Composition

✔️ Health Benefits of Wine

✔️ The Wine Belt

✔️ New World VS. Old World Wines

✔️ White Wine Production

✔️ Main White Grapes

✔️ Red Wine Production

✔️ Main Red Grapes

✔️ Rosé Wines

✔️ Sparkling Wines

✔️ Fortified Wines

✔️ Wine Tasting

✔️ Wine Flaws

✔️ Wine Service

✔️ How To Buy Wines

✔️ Denomination Of Origin

✔️ Wine Storage

✔️ The Wine

You will have access to a complete E-Book of 51 pages of extreme quality with topics of great relevance. Exclusive Bonus, you will receive a special COUPON with a 50% discount to purchase the best wine course in 2023. Valid until 03/30/2023.

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