Effective Communication

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Communication is an essential process which helps us to express our feelings and without communication, we will not be able to share our knowledge and experiences with other people.

There are different parts of communication like speaking, listening, gestures, and body language while each one of these is important to make communication effective. When you can master these all parts then, you can say that you have learned the art of effective communication.

There are two types of communication and you can call these two types as verbal and no-verbal communication. Both of these are important in a way that they complete each other.

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There are different attributes of verbal communication like words, language, voice and others. When a child is born, he has vocal cards and as he grows he learns to control those vocal cords and to speak words.

Some words are just natural gestures as crying or laughing but with the time, he learns to speak language. Words alone have no meaning instead people give meaning to words by arranging them in different ways.

Through speaking we always try to make things clear but this does not happen always. When we think that something is important to us,

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