Embracing the Shadow: Encounters that host and illuminate the spiritual childhood


"I dare say that, not only at the end of this book ... but also at the end of each text, you will also feel inspired, enriched and, often times, healed." - Rossandro Klinjey

In this book, Daniela Migliari surprises by bringing the understanding that our shadow is not the opposite of our light. Its is part of all of us! An open proposal for you to treat yourself with kindness, without focusing on mistakes and failures - generators of deep feelings of guilt and discomfort.

Lightly and lovingly, the book presents a new way of learning to deal with our defenses, their uncomfortable aspects and potential.

Daniela clarifies the real identity of our shadow and develops an understanding of spiritual childhood - a psychic state requiring self-acceptance to mature.

The book opens to the reader the possibility of getting in touch with the richness of our inner universe and, who knows, finding our own way to evolve with more generosity and self-love.

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