(English) Pronunciation Essentials 1


(English) Pronunciation Essentials 1 is intended for learners of all levels who wish to develop and/or improve their fluency in speaking English.

This course consists of hundreds of minutes of pre-recorded materials, which include: in-depth explanations, voice warm-ups, individual sounds practice, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), practice sentences, word stress, sentence stress, phrasing, 'melodic logic' of a message, pauses, tones, and more.

Our unique step-by-step approach introduces the basic elements of the melody of English, such as: biomechanics and vocalisations of individual sounds; ‘phrase’ breathing pattern and intonation; connections between the melodic aspects and the grammar components of the English language - and how they affect the real-life meanings and functions of communication.

(English) Pronunciation Essentials 1 is for those who would like to start building strong foundations for speaking with clarity and confidence, and those who wish to ‘unblock’ areas of doubt and insecurity in spoken communication in English.

This course aims to help you start (or continue) on the journey of finding your own ‘English’ voice, and make you feel comfortable in the melody of the English language.

If this sounds good enough for you, then let’s get started.

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