EZD to Modern and Massive Reaper Template

EZD to GGD Modern and Massive reaper template. Now you can use your midi packs collection from EZD library to your GGD Modern and Massive samples. Its simple read the manual, drag and drop your midi collection on the track.

GGD Modern and Massive is from radio rock to thrash metal and everything in between, Modern & Massive has you covered. Huge sounding drums, with tonnes of punch and low end.

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jackHammer, i want to sell my REAPER preset on the fly, is there perhaps a way to have entire FXchains reload via midi commands or something. Anything brilliant and actually creatively manageable without sending me back to the vibe that always reminds me of the logic audio environment multi-song updating mindless-hell.

I'm having to admit a bit of mental exhaustion finding something that WORKS for playing live and changing VSTs yet doesn't feel similar to the, 'lost way under the hood' and hence not manageable musically vibe/workflow.

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