Family Constellation / Theta Healing On-line Session

My porpose is help you to leave the self-sabotaging behavior, free yourself from limiting beliefs and achieve the happiness in your love life.

And these behaviours and beliefs that guide your life, but which you call destiny.

Some examples of sabotaging behaviours because of limiting beliefs that usually happens with many people, of course, you can change, because many people already changed:


If you got a relationships very similar to each other (if there are bad habits and behaviours - suffering);

If you get a relationship but soon they try to break it up;

If you have repeated the suffering situations of your parents or ancestors in your relationships;

If you are in a relationship and feel insecure and afraid to satisfy your partner;

All of this are systemic and this is just one part of all your unconscious family system - That you can harmonize and resolve it through the practice of Theta Healing and/or Family Constellation session.

So, if you are living in an abusive or bad love relationship, suffering from a love relationship that has ended, don't get into the right love relationship and if you feel that have energetic threads tangle with person of the past that block you all the time. When the imbalance happens is inevitable that someone break up the relationship and/or both get sick (emotional illnesses). You can solve it because there's still time, it's up to you.

You can bring more comfort and peace for that moment through Family Constellation and/or Theta Healing online sessions.

To discover happiness and a life worth living.

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I have worked with indivduals and couples since 2015 with Theta Healing and Family Constellation.

My instagram is @paulo_csth_english and there, you can read the testimonies from people that realized sessions by me.

We'll work together - you, from your home computer and I'll do it from my office computer. Firstly you'll choose the technique (family constellation or theta healing) after that, you'll choose your subject that we'll work in on-line session.

The on-line session is dynamic, then you set up a separate time - about one hour. It'll be in portuguese or english language.

Look for a space to be alone and quite, without interruptions.

The on-line sessions always be individual - even when the couple decided to make the meetings , it'll applies separately to each person.

Please, send a message telling me about which techinique you chose and telling what you'd like to work in on-line session.


See you there!

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Paulo Castilho
4 Hotmarter Years

Hi, I'm Paulo,

I help people break free from limiting beliefs and achieve a high-value relationship.

It is a practical method based on the teachings of Theta Healing, Tantra and Family Constellation.

It aims to provide knowledge so that you can get out of the cycles of sabotaging behavior once and for all within your love life and free yourself from limiting beliefs and primary and hereditary taboos. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, regardless of whether your partner does not want to participate in the sessions or courses, yes, you can.


Systemic Family Constellator

Theta Healer

Tantric Therapist

Practitioner Access Bars

Relationship and Sexuality Coach

Instructor of Tantric Massage courses and experiences

Instagram @paulo_csth_english

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