Finding God In The Post Modern Era

The Walk

God seeks a way to approach each of us in order to introduce His personal plan for our lives. He encourages us to accept Christ as Savior and Lord. If we accept Christ, we take our beginning step into the plan God preordained for us. But if we resist Him, then like so many before us, we'll live and die without ever taking that opening move for salvation.

God had a complete plan of redemption and purpose for a person. If you've found the Cross and made Christ your personal Savior, nothing may stop you from discovering the remainder of God’s plan for your life. All you have to do is decide to obey Him.

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Someplace in the midst of divine planning, long before the eons of time began, God saw your name! Then He formulated a perfect plan just for you that's unlike any other plan for any other individual who's ever been born.

God formed a fantastic plan for each one of us. In His plan, we were foreordained to become His sons and daughters at the Cross. But one potential obstacle stands between us and God’s perfectly formed purposes: utilizing the free will God has given us, we have to choose to walk in the plan he's ordered for our lives.

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