Your education guide for a better, more pleasant, fine dining experience. Modern etiquette. Food and wine. Cocktails and beverages. We have covered your entrée, main and dessert fine dining essentials.

Guide waiter has become an important and influential luxury fine-dining customer education movement to the best of world most awarded restaurants. After years of working in some of the world’s top fine dining restaurants, I have concluded that some people are spending a lot of money and feeling over-pressured by the fancy atmosphere. Often people order a wine just because it is expensive. Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly find yourself feeling awkward because you don’t know what to do or say?

In this book I will show you:

✓ Modern Etiquette Essentials

✓ Trendy and Classic Cocktails

✓ Basic wine Knowledge

✓ Basic Beverage...

✓ Luxury goods

✓ Entrée, main and desert

✓ Basic cheese knowledge

✓ Aperitifs and Digestifs

✓ International etiquette

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