Food For Half Marathon and Beyond

When running half marathon and longer distances it’s time to adapt the amount of food you eat on heavy training days to ensure you are fuelling your training pre/during and post - in this 30-minute lesson we share tips and fuelling strategies.

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Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell - Runners Health Hub
2 Hotmarter Years

About Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell - Co Founders of Runners Health Hub.

Nutritionists, Runners and Friends - we met at as nutrition students (Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London) and became lifelong friends and nutritional buddies!

Both have a love of running and a passion for nutrition, delicious food and healthy living.

Together we bring you the RUNNERS HEALTH HUB. A place for like-minded runners who are looking for simple ways to support running performance, energy, endurance, and general great health - we are excited to be able to share our expertise, experience and short cuts with you.


Aileen is a recreational runner (started in her 40's and enjoys Park Runs, 10k's and half marathons, and has 10 Great North Runs under her belt). In business she specialises in promoting High Flying Energy and Managing Stress in Business alongside supporting with clients with digestive, hormonal and autoimmune conditions. Aileen also delivers corporate wellbeing programmes for the workplace. Aileen is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and the owner of

“ I love to help runners find easy ways to enjoy healthy high performance food and fit it into their lifestyle” Aileen


Karen is an endurance runner, having achieved 17 European marathons and 5 Ultras to date. She specialises in Personalised Nutrition for Endurance Runners ranging from beginners to competitive endurance runners as well as elite and professional runners. Karen is a Registered Sports Nutritional Therapist and owner of

“ I love to see runners reaching their full performance potential through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes’’ Karen

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